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Wooden Grand Piano Black Castor / Caster Cups, Furniture Pads 3 1/2" (Set of 4)

  • £22.95

Black Wooden Grand Piano Caster Cups, Furniture Pads 3 1/2" (Set of 4)

These are our Medium sized castor cups, made of turned wood with a fluted edge. The underside is felted to protect your flooring.

- Made with rosewood and designed for use with grand pianos
- Designed to be placed under a piano's legs in order to protect floors and carpets
- Each cup underside is Lined With Felt Pad
- Protects floor from the caster damage
- Each set includes 4 caster cups. NB: you will need 3 castors cups for a grand piano (with single legs) or 4 for an upright.
- Each cup outer size 8.5cm,inner size 5.5cm,height with pad 2.5cm
- Internal diameter: 58mm
- External diameter: 90mm

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