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Waltons Rainbow Tin Whistle (Yellow), in D - 1to1 Music

Waltons Rainbow Tin Whistle (Yellow), in D

  • £6.95

The whistle is a diatonic instrument with simple fingering, and it's very easy to learn to play - easier than the recorder. Whistles generally play two octaves, and you can easily play in two keys on any whistle, for example on a D whistle you can play in D and G. Because many tunes go down below the key note, you will often find that the tune is easier to play in G than D on a D whistle, because D is the lowest note. This means you should also consider the alternative key of the whistle when choosing the key. C goes to F, A to D which is useful, F to Bb, G to C and so on. Available in six great colours. Please feel free to contact us on: 02890814855 with any inquiry

  • Waltons Yellow Rainbow Irish D whistle
  • Beautiful yellow body, and yellow mouthpiece.