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The Jingle Jangle Ono Wedding Tambourine by Dannan

  • £44.95

The Jingle Jangle Tambourine by Dannan - 60s 70s Ono Wedding Model

This Unique Jingle Jangle wooden tambourine is made with Brass / Gold Jingles. The Jingle Jangle tambourine features a white and gold colourful ribbon all around the tambourine. A lace scarf which is removable gives the tambourine that extra 70s vibe. The white lace scarf is removable. The wooden frame includes a thumb grip and a carved out section for a comfortable handgrip. A brass Dannan plaque in the interior of the tambourine lets you know that this is an original quality musical item made by Dannan.


  • The Jingle Jangle Tambourine has 6 pairs of Brass Jingles
  • Diameter is 26cm
  • Depth is 7cm
  • The lace scarf which is removable is about 120cm long at its longest length and looks its best when it is hangs about 60cm from the tambourine
  • Ono Wedding Model

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