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Susato Kildare KPW215L Low D Whistle - 1to1 Music

Susato Kildare KPW215L Low D Whistle

  • £149.95

Susato low D Whistle, Kildare Large bore, two piece cylindrical plastic, tuneable with a thumb rest About Susato Whistles Susato whistles, made of plastic, and available high or low, in several different keys are excellent value. Because they are plastic, they are never out of tune, and they have a clear, loud and focussed tone, ideal for sessions or recording. The Dublin model comes in one piece, and the Kildare in two, so that the tuning can be adjusted if you are playing along with others. Whistle Advice The whistle is a diatonic instrument with simple fingering, and it's very easy to learn to play - easier than the recorder. Whistles generally play two octaves, and you can easily play in two keys on any whistle, for example on a D whistle you can play in D and G. Because many tunes go down below the key note, you will often find that the tune is easier to play in G than D on a D whistle, because D is the lowest note. This means you should also consider the alternative key of the whistle when choosing the key. C goes to F, A to D which is useful, F to Bb, G to C and so on.

  • Susato low d whistle, kildare - large bore, two piece cylindrical plastic, tuneable with a thumb rest
  • Made by susato whistles - these fine us made whistles have set a new benchmark in sound and quality
  • Great session whistle
  • Loud, clear tone
  • Plastic whistles have good intonation and are not affected by temperature changes

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