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Superlux SFI3RR Right Angle Jacks Instrument Cable - 1to1 Music

Superlux SFI3RR Right Angle Jacks Instrument Cable

  • £8.95

This Superlux Instrument Cable has a 6.3mm-6.3mm Jack to Jack Male to Male makeup WITH 2 RIGHT ANGLE PLACED JACK to secure the cable in the female sockets, as without this it would be prone to coming out with the slightest pull (see photo). Adaptors can be bought to enable this jack to suit other sizes and this shouldn't affect the music quality. It is constructed with a strong rubber for maximum wire protection. Superlux is an incredible brand for audio quality and professional sound.

  • 6.3mm-6.3mm, Jack to Jack, Male to Male Instrument Cable
  • 3 or 6 (Choose at Top) metres in Length with 2 x RIGHT ANGLE PLACED JACK
  • AWG24 Caliber Conductor
  • Cross-sectional area of 0.2 sq. mm
  • Secure Rubber Protective Wire

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