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Hercules - EZ-Glide Tripod Music Desk (Folding) BS100B - 1to1 Music

Hercules - EZ-Glide Tripod Music Desk (Folding) BS100B

  • £29.95

Hercules BS100B Heavy Duty Folding Stand with EZ Desk. Just pull up or down for instant height adjustments. The innovative EZ Glides inner mechanism automatically locks the stand at the desired height. The EZ Angle Roller is equipped with a special frictioning rubber that holds the desk at the perfect angle while also being instantly adjustable. Push the Quik-N-EZ Retainer lever up or down for instant desk mounting and dismounting. The Reinforced Desk Lip creates strength and rigidity with minimum additional weight. If you need to adjust the tightness of the EZ Glide, push the upper shaft all the way down until the yellow reset wing appears at the base. Twist the screw clockwise to loosen and counter-clockwise to tighten. Features: Reinforced Desk Lip Frictioning EZ Angle Roller EZ Glide automatically locks the stand in place. Just glide it to the height you want and it stays! Durable rectangular tubing leg construction Spec: Desk size: 535x293mm 21x11.5 Height: 690-1230mm 27.1-48.4 Weight: 1.45kg 3.2lbs

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