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DPA d:fine™ 4088 Directional Dual Ear Headset Mic

  • £510.00

The DPA 4088 miniature cardioid headset mic makes use of all of DPA's vast experience in microphone design and manufacturing, providing the best sounding directional headworn microphone available today.

The DPA 4088 Headset falls into their d:fine™ range of headset mics. It features a wire headband for added rigidity. Its directional capsule offers excellent attenuation of background noise making the 4088 excellent in challenging stage environments.

Product Description

With DPA’s superior microphone capsule technology the 4088 bears the description, “open, natural and reliable” incredibly well. The high quality of the microphone means that in acoustically demanding live performance environments, where background noise and feedback is a concern, the 4088 will tackle these challenges with ease.

The 4088 capsule is a pre-polarized first order pressure gradient transducer, hidden in a small and lightweight housing with dimensions just slightly larger than DPA’s well known miniature omni capsules.

The smooth and elegant design of the 4088 makes it one of the most invisible headworn cardioid microphones on the market today. Sound quality, visual elegance and versatility go hand in hand to transform every show into the performance of a lifetime. Its mechanical design is based on the 4066 headset microphone. The headset mount is exactly the same; the boom however is 3 centimeters longer in order to meet the need for placement at the corner of the mouth.

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