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Dannan Jumbo Sized Wooden Musical Percussion Bones

  • £16.95

Dannan Jumbo Sized Wooden Musical Percussion Bones

This bones are the jumbo set and are designed to work with an average to large hand and may not be suited to smaller handed players.To play, simply shake your hand and swing your wrist! These bones will clap against each other in a variety of rhythms. These bones when played well can produce a loud percussion sound. (there is a photograph that shows two pairs of bones, however the smaller pair is only in the picture for comparative purposes.)


- Hand crafted, solid wooden bones
- Smooth, dipped shape for crisp tones and clear 'snap' sound!
- Traditional Folk Musical Instruments, popular in Ireland and the UK
- A pair is held in one hand separated by one or two fingers
- Removable handgrip
- 110g
- 9 inches long (23cm)
- 2 inches wide (4cm)
- 9mm wide

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