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Susato Kildare Low Pennywhistle -(Low D)

  • £134.95

Susato Kildare Low Pennywhistle -(Low D)

Our most popular pennywhistles for session playing! All Kelischek models have a curved windway and separate head and body sections. The bore is slightly tapered. We offer 20 sizes of Kelischek model whistles from low -c'- to high -f"-. All Susato whistles can be pitch-adjusted by pulling the joint in or out. The purchase price includes a fingering chart, thumb rest, joint grease and a pouch.

  • Susato 2 piece Kildare penny whistles are excellent yet inexpensive ABS moulded plastic whistles.
  • Great session whistle, Loud clear tone
  • Perfect for Irish, Scottish and other styles of folk music
  • Plastic whistles have good intonation and are not affected by temperature changes. The two piece whistle can be adjusted to alter the tuning slightly if necessary
  • Small bore. Supplied in new lightweight eco friendly carry pouch (purple)

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