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Clarke 3 Piece Tutor Set - 1to1 Music

Clarke 3 Piece Tutor Set

  • £27.90

This is more than just a whistle tutor, it is a great introduction to music for absolute beginners. The explanation of note values, time signatures and rhythm is simpler than other tutors. It teaches you the secret of how to keep the beat in a tune with different note values; dotted crochets, scots snaps etc, without having to count them as you play. You can apply this secret to any instrument. It's worth the money for that alone! The CD that accompanies it is full of great tunes, and you progress through it at a logical and intuitive rate. Don't be fooled by its small size, it is packed with information that will reward the time taken by the diligent beginner who wants to read music as well as play by ear.

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