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A-Shape Padded Mandolin Hard Case - 1to1 Music

A-Shape Padded Mandolin Hard Case

  • £54.95

A-Frame shape Mandolin hard case - will fit any full size mandolin securely! Width: 300mm Height: 100mm Length: 720mm approx. The interior is a thick fur style padded material which shapes itself to fit the instrument, due to the dense hair style fur material which is used. This ensures the mandolin isn't scratched or dented by sudden force applied to the case. The case exterior material is a strengthened plastic, capable of resisting any natural force applied to it. It does not dent easily and ensures complete protection for the mandolin inside!

  • Deluxe black arched top
  • Black plush hairy fur style interior
  • Internal compartment for small accessories
  • Chrome hardware, ensuring complete protection
  • Features: Large plastic handle & 3 Secure Latches

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