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DPA Microphones


DPA Microphones manufactures superior condenser mics for the live, studio, broadcast, theatre, film and installation markets. Based in Denmark, DPA has built a solid brand based on uncompromising quality, durability and adaptability. DPA mics are hand made in their factory in Denmark and are available for many different applications in the form of vocal mics, instrument mics, podium mics, lavalier mics and headset mics.

DPA’s d:facto™ II vocal condenser microphone is currently used on many live tours, chosen for its clarity and feedback rejection. Used alongside the wide selection of instrument microphones including the d:vote 4099 and d:dicate 2011C to mention a few, DPA Microphones provides a complete live sound solution second-to-none. The superb performance and audio quality of their microphones makes them ideal for recording instruments and vocals in both studio and live settings, while their DPA d:screet™ miniature lavalier microphones are widely known to be the world’s best live performance and theatre microphones. The mics of choice for West End theatres, many more around the world use DPA d:screet miniature microphones and d:fine™ headsets for incredibly accurate sound reproduction from the stage.