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Bugle Black Plastic - 1to1 Music

Bugle Black Plastic

  • £17.40

This Bugle Trumpet was accurately molded from a high grade brass instrument and plays and sounds at the real thing! Use it for study purposes or in rough environments. HOW TO PLAY Tighten the corners of your mouth while keeping the middle part of your mouth loose. Pull the corners of your mouth in the direction of your ears and gently blow with your teeth open. Tighten the sides of your mouth and increase air flow for higher tones, and relax the mouth, reducing the air flow for lower tones.

  • Created from an accurate mold of a high grade brass instrument
  • Plays and sounds like the reals thing
  • This is not a toy, and is treated like a high quality instrument by many professionals
  • Ideal for studying purposes and rough environments
  • Length: 50cm

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