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Handmade Dannan 16" Vegan Bodhran Hand Drum - The Salmon of Knowledge Bodhrán

  • £64.95

Handmade Dannan 16" Vegan Bodhrán - The Salmon of Knowledge Bodhrán

This Beautifully Designed and Decorated Celtic Pattern Bodhrán is unique to Dannan and desgined by our very own artists to venerate Irish tradition and mythology. Made of a strong wood, it is 16" in Diameter and has a Vegan Faux Goatskin stretched across the wood. It comes with a unique Wooden Beater which is the perfect weight and shape for this 16" Bodhran based on the perfect strike for creating the best sound! Perfect both for Playing and Decoration. Hang it on your wall and make it your new practice instrument!

  • 100% Vegan Materials
  • Unique design to Dannan by our very own artist
  • Comes With A Wooden Beater
  • 16" Bodhran / 9cm deep
  • Please Note, all bodhrans are handmade and slight differences may occur
  • Includes tipper / beater
  • Available in 14 Designs

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