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Finn McGinn Barnyard's Barndance

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Finn McGinn's blend of rocky trad is halfway between the home hearth and heavy metal. His songwriting comes from an earthy motive to capture Irish life and condense it into magic melodies with humble stories.

On his debut album, Barnyard’s Barndance, Finn McGinn and his motley crew of Muddguards are on a mission to re-mythologise the Emerald Isle with big ideas, where school boys become bull wrestlers and jilted lovers get their girl back on diggers.

Track List

1. Barnyards Barndance

2. Get My Kicks

3. Sligo Fair

4. Betty The Banshee

5. Sinbad Is Dead

6. Fathers Song

7. Black Lough

8. Jessie Bee

9. The Bull From Ballymagowan

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