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Banjo Strap Pattern Collection

Handmade Hemp Banjo Strap by VTAR with Unique Designs, Made with Brass Details and Brown Vegan Leather - 5 Designs

VTAR Banjo Straps are Handmade in The UK using luxury materials, to ensure longevity and please the eye. All straps are Animal Friendly with Vegan Leather Ends and Suitable for ALL Banjos

  • Quality Handmade Luxury Irish Banjo Strap Exclusive to VTAR
  • Handmade with Strong and Sturdy Thick Black, Beige and Green Hemp Cotton ensured to last a lifetime.
  • Features Hand drawn by Vtar Artist
  • 5 Different Embroidered designs on strong hemp
  • Made with Cruelty Free Brown Vegan Faux Leather Ends
  • Handcrafted to the Finest Quality
  • Various Lengths (Max Length 59” / Min Length 38”)

Includes: Brown Celtic Beastie Strap
Green Celtic Beastie Strap
Purple Zodiac Moon Strap
Black Zodiac Moon Strap
Brown Floral Strap