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Universal Acoustics Mercury Wedge 300 x 50mm

  • £120.00

The Universal Acoustics Mercury Wedge is a stylish acoustic tile made from high quality fire retardant polyester. The Mercury Wedge is easily installed onto most surfaces using non solvent based adhesive making it the perfect product to improve audio performance in your studio, rehearsal room or office. The sleek and stylish design of the Mercury Wedge by Universal Acoustics is a fantastic addition to any home or professional studio. The high quality Polyester based material that makes up the product conforms to UL94 HFI specification ensuring high safety standards. Alongside this, the Mercury Wedge has an average 86 Noise Reduction Coeffcient.

  • Material: High density polyester based foam
  • Includes: 20 x Universal Acoustics Mercury Wedge (300 x 300 x 50mm),
  • Available in Purple, Burgundy & Charcoal 

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